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At ABCO Rewinds, we supply the most efficient electric motors and pumps available in the market. Give us a call to check out the latest deals.

We ensure that your machinery is working effectively

At ABCO Rewinds our experienced team are dedicated to providing you with the most effective motors and pumps currently available on the market, including submersible pumps, gearboxes and much more. This ensures a high standard of performance, a hassle-free installation, and minimal chance of repairs being required in the future.

Electric motor repairs

Free pickup and delivery for all products

Electrical Motor Repairs

ABCO Rewinds offer a wide range of electric motor products for sale. From submersible pumps and battery supply to gearboxes and generators, we can provide you with what you are looking for. We offer free pickup and delivery on electric motors, across Lanarkshire and the surrounding areas.

A special note to our customers: as of January 2015, new legislation required all new IE2 motors of 7.5kW and above to be operated with a VSD.

We supply and maintain:

Electrical Motor Repairs

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